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Subject: repercussion of alternate breeding paterns (revised)

Date: Tue Jul 24 16:10:49 2012
Posted by jesse
Grade level: undergrad School: SWIC
City: belleville State/Province: illinois Country: usa
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1343171449.Ge

 My question is why don't people in the science community inform the 
civilization of the fact that when you have multiple males and females in the 
society the breeding habit is promiscuity altering this has repercussions. 

Like other multiple male, female social organisms all of the young's survival is 
still ensured, but without the circulation of dominate traits from the dominate 
males and females being the most distributed. people become increasing less 
masculine and feminine and all together less fit. similar to the effects of 
inbreeding, but opposite outbreeding if you will, which I believe has some of 
the same effects such as less muscle and bone density, mental disorders in which 
you see in a lot of Europeans that have had alternative breeding habits and 
polygamous as well. 

The instinct for everyone's survival to be ensured breeding but now with less 
and less robust and dominate traits from the alphas which should be the 
majority in circulation. this behavior is not seen in tribal people untouched by 
civilization, We have been altered in these metropolises from our natural habitus 
of promiscuity like which still exists in societies that are untouched by more 
modern civilization and in our closest ancestor the chimpanzee. 

In chimpanzees(promiscuous) similar to us dominate traits from 
dominate males, females passed more frequently and all offspring's future is 
secured. Do you now see why I think this is a problem for us to live in multi 
male multi female societies without being strictly promiscuous like chimpanzees? 

In natural selection of monogamous creatures inviable young simply wouldn't 
survive. This also leads to homosexual tendency no longer being tendencies, but 
replacing male, female reproduction in that having dwindled masc., fem. traits. 

Re: repercussion of alternate breeding paterns (revised)

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