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Subject: high viral load of hiv in saliva? dangerous?

Date: Wed Feb 13 22:50:40 2013
Posted by alan
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Area of science: Virology
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hi im i want to know if saliva of hiv people can be infectious in some cases 
that saliva doesnt have blood. i ask that according to the case of indian guy 
that bit his stepfather on his finger. the young guy didnt have any wounds, sore 
or any oral problems at the moment of the bit. guy have high viral load in 
Possible transmission of HIV Infection due to human bite

1. saliva can be infectious with out blood just in this case or could be in  
kissing too.
2. people with high viral load in saliva are very few and even if they have high 
rna the infectious particles are few that is always true?
3. the transmission happened because the exposition was direct to the 
bloodstream if the exposition would be by  kissing or sharing glasses could be 
dangerous in this case of high viral load in saliva with out blood?

Re: high viral load of hiv in saliva? dangerous?

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