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Subject: Face growth with time

Date: Sat Apr 13 19:24:17 2013
Posted by Alex
Grade level: undergrad School: No school entered.
City: NY State/Province: NY Country: No country entered.
Area of science: Development
ID: 1365906257.Dv

I was interested in learning what are the causes of facial growth in adults. From reading several sources, 
it appears that for some people, their faces grow with age compared to when they were teenagers. 
Thickening of the face may be seen more in men than women, according to what I read. Other changes 
may be seen as well (

 Are certain hormones to play with bone growth over time, or other factors? A previous archive answer 
only discussed nutritional and other possible causes that would appear to be exceptions, not the norm. Thank you.

Re: Face growth with time

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