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Subject: Is it possible to charge a Battery by using an Electrostatic Generator ?

Date: Sat Jun 9 16:23:33 2012
Posted by Birol
Grade level: grad (science) School: Science Club
City: Mosbach am Neckar State/Province: Baden Württemberg Country: GERMANY
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1339284213.Eg

Dear Sir,

I would like to ask you a question about charging an accu battery, by an 
electrostatic generator, For our science fair project, if there is a 
possibility or not.....

We got an old but working Wimhurst machine for our science club, and would 
like to charge a storage battery with this influence machine. Which 
possibilities are there available and what is the most efficient way by 
charging a battery through electrostatic ways ?

I guess we need to convert the high-voltage and low-current static electricity 
into low-voltage, moderate-current electricity, am I right ?

2- I heard that some ham radio operators who have long wire antennas mounted 
in the air, collect static electricity from the ambient medium, and charging 
their batteries by this way, is this possible ? What kind of arrangement is 
this ?

b- If we apply the same method, should we use an enamel coated wire or a 
coaxial cable, why ?

3- Plauson also harnessed the static electricity, like Nikola Tesla. He 
transformed it into dynamic current. He used for his purpose special antennas, 
the higher and larger the antenna the better. He favors big metallic helium 
balloons. Is this also a possibility ?

b- We may charge by this way some HV capacitors until sufficiently high 
potential builds to jump the spark gap. The oscillatory discharge (Spark-gap 
oscillator) is induced into the transformer primary. Is it possible to 
transform this high voltage, high frequency current with a conventional 
transformer into low voltage, high current (still high frequency) electricity ?
What kind of transformer should we use and what kind of motor should be 
applied, if I want to drive a motor with this HF current ?

4- How can we charge the battery which is settled parallel to a spark gap 
oscillator mentioned in step (3-b) which means HF current is flowing ?

Hope to get some help and references for our science club projects !

Yours Sincerely,
Birol Oezgen

Re: Is it possible to charge a Battery by using an Electrostatic Generator ?

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