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Subject: How to study series and parallel rasonant circuit?

Date: Wed Oct 3 05:42:47 2012
Posted by Archana
Grade level: 10-12 School: Govt. P. G. College
City: Hisar State/Province: Haryana Country: India
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1349268167.Eg

I was doing experiment in which we had to study the variation of current with
frequency and also determine resonant frequency and quality factor. Would the
order of connection of resistance, capacitance and inductor will be considered?
Or we can connect them any way. Do I have to connect first inductor, then
capacitance and then resistance?. Current will be same in all the components,
but there will be a potential drop across all the components. Will this fact
affect my results? In parallel resonant circuit we connect resistance and
inductor in series and this combination is connected in parallel with
capacitance. Why is it so? Why don't we just connect all the three components in

Re: How to study series and parallel rasonant circuit?

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