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Re: How to study series and parallel rasonant circuit?

Date: Wed Apr 9 20:20:58 2014
Posted By: Chris Seaman, Staff, Electrical Engineering, Alcoa Technical Center
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1349268167.Eg

If you connect all components before applying power, the order you connect them makes no 

An interesting experiment would be to watch how the response changes as you add 
components.  If you have an oscilloscope or a data acquisition system, and your power source 
is DC,  you could add one component at a time and watch the step response as you switch on 
the power.  You can try the same test with a sinusoidal input, and try different frequencies.

The main concern is if you are using an inductor with a DC input.  Once the transient is over, 
the inductor will be a short circuit.  Be careful you do not let it overheat or short your power 

Chris Seaman

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