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Re: How much does the length of day vary at the equator?

Date: Mon Apr 26 20:00:36 1999
Posted By: Lawrence R Matson, Faculty, Earth Science and Geography, State University of New York, Ulster Community College
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 924870601.Es

The question seems to indicate that you have learned that the sun is 
overhead at the equator on two days of each year.  On those days, the 
daylight period is exactly 12 hours, and the daylight varies on other days 
from a little more than to a little less than 12 hours, but the variability
is much less than at areas nearer the poles.

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When I lived in Kinshasa,Zaire,Africa the length of day and times of sunrise and 
sunset did not vary noticeably unless you kept track with a watch, maybe plus or 
minus 15 minutes over the course of a year.  The latitude is about 4 degrees 
south of the Equator.]

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