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Subject: Is there a reptile which has only two legs?

Date: Mon Mar 12 13:53:53 2001
Posted by John
Grade level: nonaligned School: none
City: Cincinnati State/Province: OH Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 984423233.Zo

About ten years ago, I was hiking in Northern California and saw a reptile 
sunning itself by the trail.  It appeared to be a snake with legs, or maybe a 
long thin lizard with only front legs.  At the time I imagined it was some kind 
of lizard, and a friend said it was probably a skink.  Recently I tried an 
extensive web search trying to identify this creature, but to no avail. (to the 
best of my recollection, it was about 18" long, maybe 1/2 to 3/4 inch in 
diameter, and maybe 3 inches tall standing up on it's front legs.  I believe it 
was brown or goldish in color) 

I'm now trying to decide whether the thing is very rare, is described in a way I 
haven't thought of, or perhaps was a figment of my imagination...  or perhaps 
faulty memory.  I suppose it's also possible that it's lack of hind legs was 
illusory...  perhaps it was shedding its skin?  Do lizards do that?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: Is there a reptile which has only two legs?

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