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Subject: Will man evolve and come back?

Date: Tue Oct 3 14:31:34 2000
Posted by Maat
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Area of science: Evolution
ID: 970597894.Ev

What i'am trying to ask is with all these supposed "abduction" 
phenomenon,is it possible that maybe it is a reflection of mankind in our 
psyche or physically man coming back thru time.Is it possible with all the 
descriptions mainly of the supposed "grey" race that it is man 
evolved.MOst descriptions given are of large black eyes,androgynous 
anatomy,and telepathy.When eyes are in the darkness the pupils become 
large.Constant exposure over millions of years of evolution might cause 
eyes to become large and dilated.Sexually speaking the human race will 
have no reason for sexual contact as evolution of the brain 
increases.Physical body would seem to loose its sexual functions(we are 
already cloning and having babies without sex)and the mind would be the 
central region of pleasure or lack of.And lastly language, i believe will 
die as the world progresses through evolution.William Burroughs said"word 
is a virus."MOst viruses at some point(even over millions of years)die or 
are destroyed.All of this is absolute speculation and that is why i would 
like a professional answer it.Thank you for your time.

Re: Will man evolve and come back?

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