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Re: Will man evolve and come back?

Date: Tue Oct 10 17:29:30 2000
Posted By: Cliff Hamrick, Staff, Biology, Baylor University
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 970597894.Ev

Well first let me say you have quite an imagination, which is something that 
we need more of in today's society.  Now let me try to sort out your ideas.

First, alien abductions is something rather difficult to handle from a 
purely scientific viewpoint.  At the moment, I have to agree that the 
simplest explanations for these abduction reportings is hallucinations 
caused by a human brain that we don't fully understand, distorted and 
repressed memories of past physical/sexual abuse, and sightings of 
experimental aircraft.  It is perhaps a combination of those as well.  So, 
as a scientist, I have to say that the abductions are not caused by aliens, 
dimensional beings, or even future humans.  

But, with that aside, let's have with some of your conjectures.  First, your 
description of the morphology of the grey aliens and the possible adaptions 
of them is a good idea.  In biology, we often look at the morphology of an 
organism and try to figure out what adaption does it give the organism.  The 
problem is that humans for the last 100,000 years have changed very little.  
We are evolving socially, but not much physically.  For humans to have 
changed into 5 foot tall, grey skinned, androgynous, telepathic creatures, 
some major events would have had to result.  Of course, genetic engineering 
could explain some of that.  But, it is difficult to assume where technology 
will be in the future.  Remember, the Roman Empire was the most 
technologically advanced civilization in the world until it was destroyed by 
the Germanic barbarians.  Then Europe fell into a 1000 year long Dark Age.

Telepathy is another sticky situation.  There have been some interesting 
studies that suggest that some people may have some telepathic abilities.  
The CIA did research into "remote sensing" for about 20 years.  However, we 
have yet to explain exactly how telepathy would work.  Again, from a purely 
scientific point, I have to say that telepathy is probably a mixture of a 
creative imagination, vague descriptions, and a little luck.  But, I would 
like to be proven wrong.

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