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CP Flow Archive | Guided Tour of the Visible Human
Place the mouse over the underlined text to alter the image. Click to load explanations in the lower frame.

Tcell Panel: CD3, 5, 7
Lymphocyte Gate
T cells
Likely B cells
Likely NK Cells
Tcell Panel II: CD2, 3, 7
T Cells
Likely B Cells
Likely NK Cells
Bcell Panel: CD19, 20, 10
T cells
Granulocyte Gate.
CD19, FMC-7, CD11c
B cells
Lymphocyte Panel II: CD5, 19, 23
B cells
T cells
Likely NK Cells
B cell Markers II: CD19, Kappa & Lamba light chains
B Cells
Kappa+ B cells
Lambda+ B-cells
Controls: CD45, 14, mouse Ig
CD45+ Lymphocytes