Enigma Engine Library

Due to popular demand, and to save me some time in answering requests, here are some of the more popular perl scripts used to run various aspects of Jardin Mécanisme and the Surrealism Server. If you wish to aggrandize your site with exotic juju engines, help yourself to the pickings here.


1-7-96 imagemap.pl 2.0: An imagemap script - based on v. 1.10 by V. Khera. This version handles both NCSA and CERN formats, supports ovals in addition to other graphic primitives and has a few other niceties. It doesn't need to be compiled with your server.

Rigmarole a random engine for selecting blocks of text from a given file.. the basis for the Surrealist Compliment Generator.

About these scripts
These scripts are freely available and distributable. The only exception is Engine_Mail which comes with a caveat of making a $15 donation to your local public library or branch of the Red Cross if you plan to use it in conjunction with a profitable organization, or to your own financial gain. Publication of any of these scripts in any media, electronic or otherwise may only be done with my prior consent. You are welcome to alter the scripts to suit your specific needs. Lastly, though I have had no problems running any of these scripts on our system, I can neither predict nor guarantee their behavior on your system. 'Use them at your own risk.'

System Requirements:
My experiences with these scripts have been largely on UNIX boxes. However, most of them should work on a mac or PC provided the equivalent Perl interpreter is installed (MacPerl, etc..) Perl is freely available so if you don't have it, get it.. Be forewarned that you may also need certain cgi plug-ins to get perl to work effectively with your WWW server if you're not on a UNIX box.

For the absolute beginner..
CGI can do wonderful things to enhance your WWW site and pages. Though many folks in the community do their best to devise tools to make things as easy as possible to install and use, you can only benefit by learning something about the workings of CGI and the various languages used to write CGI scripts. You don't even need to blow $35 on brandX of 'Teach-yourself-CGI-in-15-minutes': a number of excellent WWW resources can show you everything you need to know. The only book I might recommend is the 'Llama Book' for those interested in learning Perl.

At some point I'll put together a short list of the more worthwhile, online tutorials. In the meantime, most everything of interest can be located via the Art of HTML.

If you use 'em, and you like 'em.. let me know.. maybe I'll be enticed to make more jujuS freely available..

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