The Parisian Group Surrealism began primarily as a literary movement based on radical ideas gaining momentum in the 1920s. Naturally, where words flow, images swim congruently, and it is perhaps for the many paintings and 'graphic works' associated with the movement that Surrealism has received much of its notoriety. However, judge the basis of Surrealism not by what has been and yet remains to be written about the movement, but by what has been done and yet remains to be accomplished using the mechanisms inherent in the Vice of Surrealism.

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  • Automatic Writing and the perfection of Critical Paranoia.
  • Surrealist Games of the fantastic and invariable.
  • ESMÉ. Cadaveric Enigma Engine Generator.
  • The Department of Objects and Delusions.
  • Surrealist Writing, Writing by Surrealists.
  • Sound Surrealism
  • Groups and Representations of Surrealism.
  • A Short, Inverted Bibliography of Surrealism.
  • FUTURISM, put together by Joe De Marco.
  • Miscellaneous Resources
  • Negligence is arousing
  • Evil machinations lurk at every corner.

    The Surrealist Compliment Generator

    Hands across your
monitor (monitor).. hands across your eyes..


    Jardin Mécanisme

    VerBOTN PoKom Three minutes, twenty-six seconds, to deviously imply other sentiments surround with forceful persuasion.. Oh, yes, Oh, Sorrel bullMoose!, Oh, UTNE!. Mastication VerBOTN. We have become pointedly annointed by Odin, our lord and forefinger, and engender willingly to writhing with the entrails of DADA, it is our highest honor, our most relished anti-horror! Dredsen that Monk did and flipped us latitudinally into the Funkies , erstwhile the Deep und Undvusuaal Ccite of the Deigh while the Hot Site Of The Night dreams us of SLEEP in the comforting glow of a cathode-ray tube to light the inside of our eyelids (alone, the graphics dazzle and mind-deboggle).. ArtSource, saves, SoniC NeT for sound reverberations, and most certainly to Fine Art On-line for placing us in Louisiana (DK)..

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