Bibliography of Surrealism

By no means consider this a complete listing of information concerning Surrealism and related areas. More listings will be added so excuse the blank spaces for now.

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For those interested in information concerning women in the Surrealist movement, Lisa Rull at has put together a comprehensive listing of useful references.

Pierre Petiot,, has put together a list of Surrealist Resources in French.
( Une liste des ressources en français.)

AK Press in the UK distributes many 'Surrealist' texts published by Black Swan Press and other groups. Cabaret Voltaire in the US distributes DADA and Surrealists texts.

Titles below are in English unless otherwise specified.


  • Surrealist Performance and Theater
  • Surrealist Cinema

    About Surrealism

    Manifestes du Surrealisme (Français)
    André Breton
    J. J. Pauvert, Paris, 1962.

    Manifestoes of Surrealism
    André Breton (English Translation by Richard Seaver and Helen Lane)
    Ann Arbor Paperbacks, University of Michigan Press, 1972.
    ISBN# 0-472-06182-8

    Surrealist Games
    Alastair Brotchie, Redstone Press, London, 1992.
    ISBN# 1-870003-21-7
    (Available through Shambhala Books)

    History of Surrealism
    Maurice Nadeau
    (Translation from French: Richard Howard)
    The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge MA, 1989.
    ISBN# 0-674-40345-2

    A Little About DADA

    DADA (Français)
    Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri, S.p.A., 1969.
    French Edition: Celiv, Paris, 1990.
    ISNB# 2-86535-020-7

    DADA Almanac
    Ed. Richard Huelsenbeck (1920)
    English translation by Malcolm Green
    Atlas Press, 1993.
    ISBN# 0-947757-62-7


    Hans Arp

    Serge Fauchereau
    Rizzoli International Publications Inc. New York, NY., 1988.
    ISBN# 0-84-78-0974-9

    Giorgio de Chirico

    Giorgio de Chirico
    Pere Gimferrer
    Rizzoli International Publications, New York, NY. 1989.
    ISBN# 0-8478-1042-9

    The Memoirs of Giorgio de Chirico
    (Memoirie della mia vita)
    Giorgio de Chirico,
    Translation from Italian by Margaret Crosland
    Peter Owen, Ltd., London UK, 1971.
    ISBN# 0-7206-5207-3

    Salvador Dalí

    Ramón Gómez de la Serna
    Arnoldo Mondadori Editore, S.p.A., Milano, 1979.
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    Salvador Dalí
    Conroy Maddox
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    The Secret Life of Salvador Dalí
    Salvador Dali
    Dial Press, NY 1946. (French)
    English edition: DASA Edicions, S.A. 1986.
    ISBN# 84-85814-12-6

    Max Ernst

    Max Ernst, DADA and the Dawn of Surrealism
    William A. Camfield
    Prestel-Verlag, Munich GERMANY, 1993.
    ISBN# 3-7913-1260-X

    René Magritte

    Sarah Whitfield
    South Bank Centre, London, 1992.
    ISBN# 1-85332-0870 (soft cover)
    ISBN# 1-85332-0879 (hard cover)

    Joan Miró

    Jacques Dupin
    Ediciones Polígrafa, S.A.
    Harry N. Abrams Inc., NY. 1993.
    ISBN# 0-8109-3632-1

    A Toute Épreuve(Français)
    Joan Miró
    Poems by Paul Eluard.
    George Braziller, NY. 1993.
    ISBN# 0-8076-1330-4

    Francis Picabia

    Yves Tanguy

    Remedios Varo

    Remedios Varo : catalogo razonado (Español)
    ed. Mexico, D.F. : Ediciones Era, 1994. ISBN# 95-114744

    Unexpected journeys : the art and life of Remedios Varo , Kaplan, Janet A.
    New York : Abbeville Press, c1988. ISBN# 87-30855

    Remedios Varo, Jaguer, Edouard (Español)
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    Surrealist Writers

    André Breton

    Manifestoes and Soluble Fish

    Other works include: Arcane, The Immaculate Conception, La Clé des Champs, Mad Love, The Magnetic Fields, and Nadja.

    Conversations: The Autobiography of Surrealism
    André Breton
    Translation by Mark Polizzotti
    Paragon House, New York, NY. 1993.
    ISBN# 1-55778-423-X

    Benjamin Péret

    A marvelous world : poems
    Benjamin Peret
    (English and French) Tanslation by Rachael Stella
    Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge LA. 1985.

    Death to the pigs, and other writings..
    Benjamin Peret
    English translation by Rachael Stella
    University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln, NE. 1989.

    Surrealist Performance and Theather

    Latest Rage the Big Drum: Dada and Surrealist Performance
    Annabelle Melzer
    UMI Research Press, Ann Arbor, MI. 1980.
    ISBN# 0-8357-1081-5

    Ubu Roi: Drame en Cinq Actes
    Alfred Jarry
    Club de meilleur livre, Paris, 1958.

    Ubu Roi, Drama in 5 Acts
    Alfred Jarry
    Gaberbocchus, London 1966.

    Surrealist Cinema

    Films by Salvador Dali and Luis Bunuel

    Other films by Luis Bunuel


    Jan Svankmejer

    Texts concerning Surrealist Cinema

    L. Buñuel My Last Breath, Fontana USA 1983
    L. Williams Figures of Desire: A Theory and Analysis of Surrealist Film, UC. Press, Berkeley & Los Angeles, 1981.