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Surrealist Imagery

This page is being reorganized into smaller pages for each artist. We hope you will welcome the occasional resulting chaos as much as we do.

This listing contains images found on this server (including those in WUARCHIVE) and relevant links to other web sites. Where possible thumbnails have been created of the full-size images. Click on these or the text beside them to open a picture of the full work.

Links with an asterix (*) indicate the site carries written information about the artist.

Our purpose in presenting a small collection of the many paintings, objects and collages created by the following artists associated with the Surrealist Movement is as much an exercise in historical education as a means of presenting what can and has been attained through the practice and Execution of Surrealism.


Miscellaneous Sites

Collaborative Efforts

Also of interest and intrigue..


Joe Cornell

Leonora Carrington

Marcel DuChamp

Max Ernst

Francis Picabia

Man Ray

Yves Tanguy

Dorothea Tanning

Marie Toyen

Artistic Collaborations

Associated By Surreality..

Hieronymus Bosch

Marc Chagall

Giorgio de Chirico

Vassily Kandinsky

Odilon Redon

French Impressionist predating the Surrealist movement. Nonetheless, many of his hauting images have a certain dreamy quality worthy of Surrealist interpretation.