Joan Miro

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Joan Miró

1893-1983 Catalan Surrealist, a man true of words.

Painting is poetry and poetry, painting. Is is thus not surprising to find caligraphic words intermingling on their own accord with the objects and images in many of Miró's paintings. It is rumored that he on occasion deprived himself of sleep for days to paint the subliminal organisms and hallucinatory animalitos crawling the walls of his studio. However, as with the other Surrealists, images from dreams and the use of Automatism as a means for free-flowing design were used as creative tools.

'Miró: A single line, a definition inspired by the Catalan landscape.'

    - Abridged Dictionary of Surrealism (1938).

  • Chiffres et Constellations, 1941. (40K).
  • Dancer, 1925.
  • Le Carnaval d'Arlequin (The Harlequin's Carnival), 1924/25. (69K).
  • The Gold of Azure, 1967 (23K).
  • Stone Bird (provided by Jane Patterson).

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