Introductory Links

  • Chem4Kids: Middle & High School-level introduction to chemistry.
  • Chem Tutor: Some online explanations and examples of chemistry fundamentals.
  • * Online Chemistry Learning Center: McGraw Hill’s interactive chemistry tutorials cover basics of atoms and molecules, to chemical bonding, kinetics and equilibriums, and metallurgy.

    General Chemistry

  • Try the Demos section of the MadSci Library for links to sites with chemistry demonstrations.
  • The FAQ for sci.chem - Frequently Asked Question for the group. Discusses elementary to advanced topics in chemistry.
  • General Chemistry Online: Covers diverse topics in chemistry from introductory concepts to applications of chemistry to the real world.
  • REDOX: Internet Chemistry explaining oxidation-reduction reactions. (U. Hawaii)
  • Introduction to acid/base: Quick overview of acid/base chemistry. Also see the Online Chemistry Learning Center (described above).
  • Beginner’s Guide to Corrosion: Quick overview of different types of corrosion and how it works. Go to this list of Corrosion Guides for more specifics.
  • Organic Chemistry

  • Organic Chemistry Online: Frostburg State University’s Organic Chemistry help
  • The Basics of NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), a means for determining the structure of chemical compounds.


  • Introduction to Electrochemistry: General description with problems in electrochemistry.
  • Electrochemistry: Electrochemistry Encyclopedia from YCES and Case Western University.
  • Battery Chemistry Tutorial: Detailed history and chemical reactions behind different battery types.
  • How Batteries Work: Marshall Brain’s detailed explanation of battery basics.
  • Fuel Cells: Descriptions of different types of fuel cells.
  • References

  • * The Electronic Periodic Table of the Elements: Click on individual squares to learn more about each element. Includes information concerning the discovery of each element, and current uses.
  • * WebElements: Another online Periodic Table. Includes information on elements not yet proven to exist (#113, 115-118).
  • * The Pictorial Periodic Table: Yet another online Periodic Table. Includes some history of the table, as well as alternative forms of the table and links to other tables not listed here.
  • Also try Chemistry Coach's complete list of all other known periodic tables on the World Wide Web!
  • NIST Chemistry WebBook Search for formulas, structures and molecular weights of chemical compounds.
  • Online University's Chemistry Resources Learning resources for students at all levels.
  • * ChemFinder: Search for information on specific compounds - molecular weight, melting point, etc..
  • Data Tables in General, Organic and Physical Chemistry: In the event you've forgotten Avogadro's number or the bond energy of H-O, you can now locate them online.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets: Specifics concerning hazards, handling and storage of chemicals.
  • Chemistry Calculators Online: Listing of numerous applets & freely available programs for making calculations in chemistry.
  • Chemistry of Water

  • Ground and Drinking Water: General info from the EPA about drinking water regulations, safety and quality.
  • Chlorine in drinking water: Review of disinfection practices using chlorine.
  • Hard water: General info about hard water (Nebraska Cooperative Extension).
  • Bottled water FAQs: from the International Bottled Water Association. Also have an interactive flash presentation about Bottled Water Path-to-Market.
  • Other Topics

  • Ozone depletion: from NASA’s Advanced Supercomputing division.
  • Soap and Detergent Association: Details about the chemistry, safety and history of different cleaning products.
  • Center for Paper Business & Industry Studies: Brief history of paper-making and online list by state of all paper and pulp mills in U.S.
  • Macrogalleria: All about polymers!
  • Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association:  General information for consumers about regulations, rumors and products.
  • Ask-A-Scientist

    Chemistry Question Receives questions from K-12 students, or regarding chemistry in daily life.

    WWW Virtual Libraries

  • WWW Virtual Library in Chemistry
  • WWW Links for Chemists
  • Careers in Chemistry

  • The American Chemical Society: ACS has a careers section, as well as a variety of student programs.
  • What is a Chemical Engineer?: careers in chemical engineering.
  • Books

  • CRC Handbook of Physics & Chemistry: The mother of all science reference books. Also available in a student's edition.
  • The Merck Index; Listings of thousands of chemicals.

  • sci.chem - General topics in Chemistry. It is known for being a friendly forum in which to post chemistry questions.
  • Other groups include sci.chem.analytical and sci.chem.electrochem.
  • sci.polymers - Covers topics in polymers chemistry.

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