Aeronautical Engineering


  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics : A comprehensive site that ranges from specific information about aeronautical engineering to current job opportunities within the industry.
  • See how it flies: An online document explaining how to fly airplanes.
  • Aerodynamics: A beginners guide to aerodynamics.
  • Rockets: An extensive FAQs on model rocketry.
  • Paper airplane: A site dedicated to the understanding of paper airplanes.
  • Airplane parts: A government site which defines and explains the parts of an airplane and the function associated with each part.
  • Airplane forces: Discusses the forces which makes flight possible.
  • How Helicopters Work: Marshall Brain's guide to how helicopters work. Also check out How Apache Helicopters Work.
  • The Science behind Hot Air Balloons: From the Goddard Space Flight Center

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  • sci.astro.seti

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