Evolution Sites

  • * Talk.Origins Archives: For the USENET group talk.origins. An excellent site discussing evolutionary processes. Presents information from both sides of the evolution/creationism debate.
  • * The Tree of Life: Systematically covers the nomenclature and phylogeny of plants and animals while providing useful information on individual species.
  • On the Origin of Species: The entirety of Charles Darwin's book online.
  • The Theory of Evolution: Discusses processes behind evolution, as well as phylogeny and systematics.
  • The Extinction Files: Information about mass and species extinctions, both past and present.
  • The Origin of Animal Body Plans" from the online archives of American Scientist merges the recent discoveries of master control genes in animal development with the paleonological data to explain the modern perspective on evolution and genes.
  • Teaching Evolution: Evolution is to biology as mathematics is to physics. Unfortunately this important topic is frequently skirted or ignored, depriving students of a scientific understanding of how biological processes evolved on earth. This site provides lesson plans, background information and ideas for lab exercises.

    WWW Virtual Libraries

    WWW Virtual Library in Evolution


    Evolutionary Biology by D. J. Futuyama
    Evolution by M. W. Strickberger
    Shapes of Time by K. J. McNamara
    Cells, Embryos, and Evolution by J. Gerhart and M. Kirschner
    From DNA to Diversity by S. Carroll, J. Grenier, and S. Weatherbee


    bionet.molbio.evolution discusses topics in molecular evolution.
    talk.origins tends to field more philosophical discussions concerning evolution.

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