General Biology

  • * Biology Hyperbook, at M.I.T. - online tutorial for a course in biology. Includes chapters, problems and test questions.
  • * What the heck..?: A series of interesting articles concerning questions in biology.
  • * Astrobiology Website: A comprehensive and rigorous site discussing the possibility of life on other planets, including Mars. Provides a good basis of how life evolved on earth, and what types of "biological" systems humanity could expect to find on other planets.
  • The Biology Project: Topics in various areas of biology.

    Ask A Scientist

    Ask A Biologist: Arizona State U.


    Reference: Biology: Helena Curtis & Sue Barnes.
    Worth Publishers. ISBN - 0-87901-394-X (1989).

    Also Invitation to Biology by the same authors - a less rigorous version of the above text.
    Worth Publishers. ISBN - 0-8790-1679-5 (1994).

    For fun: The Biology Coloring Book: learn about basic topics in biology by starting with a box of crayons!

    WWW Virtual Libraries

    WWW Virtual Library for the Biological Sciences: Top page for more than 20 sites with library pages in biology
    Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools: A good place to start if you're looking for something related to Biochemistry, Biophysics or Molecular Biology.

    USENET Groups

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