• The Virtual Hospital: At U. Iowa. Online information and resources ontopics in health, disease, and medical education.
  • Medscape: Lots of medically-related information. Free online access to the MEDLINE literature databases (registration required).
  • * The Body - Patient Information: Information concerning many common conditions and diseases. From the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  • QuackWatch: This site discusses the fact and fiction behind supplements and medicines promising anything from immediate weight loss to "miracle cures."
  • The History of Biomedicine: From ancient treatments to the battles against today's pathogens. Karolinsk Institute, SWEDEN.
  • Mental Health Net: Find news and information concerning depression, anxiety as well as suggestions for keeping your sanity.
  • U. Pennsylvania. Introduction to bioethics, including issues in medicine such as end of life decisions, human cloning and aspects of genetic engineering.

    Infectious Diseases: Try also the pages for Microbiology and Virology.

  • * The Centers for Disease Control: Find your favorite pathogen, plague or worldwide outbreak. Resources for epidemiology and prevention of diseases.
  • Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe: Details and perspectives concerning the outbreaks of Bubonic Plague in the 1500 - 1600s.
  • * The Body: An AIDS Multimedia Resource: Up-to-date information concerning AIDS and HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus).


  • Oncolink: News about cancer and cancer research.
  • Association of Cancer Online Resources: Patient information for many types of cancer.
  • Specific Diseases Card Catalog: U. Wisconsin. Information about cancers, and many genetic diseases.

    Other Diseases

  • The American Heart Association: Online information concerning strokes, heart diseases, and how to stop smoking...
  • American Diabetes Organization: Learn about both insulin and non-insulin dependant diabetes; dietary resources and information concerning new drug therapies.

    Ask A Scientist

    * Ask the Mayo Clinic: Extensive Q & A archives.
    * Ask Alice: Ask health/relationship/sexuality questions. Columbia University
    Ask A Doctor: Drug INFONet
    Dr. Tooth: Dentistry questions.

    Careers in Medicine

  • Careers in Medicine: "A guide for high school students." (American Assoc. Medical Colleges).
  • Interesting Books

    Eleven Blue Men and Other Narratives of Medical Detection: Berton Rouechi. A series of intersting and true stories from an epidemiologist, including the title of the book: a case of "Eleven Blue Men." Other books by the same author include The Incurable Wound, and The Medical Detectives.
    ISBN - 0-5400-5121 (1953).

    WWW Virtual Libraries

    There are many virtual library on topics in Medicine, accessible from the main library page.

    USENET Groups,,,,,,,

    In addition, many of the groups provide discussion concerning specific medical conditions -,,,,

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