• * NeuroScience For Kids: A great site for K-12 students interested in learning the nuances of the nervous system.
  • The Whole Brain Atlas: Use your web browser to view sections and learn about the human brain.
  • The Human Brain: Dissections of the real brain: An online atlas at The Virtual Hospital
  • The Sleep Well: Dreams and sleep.. well..


    For fun: The Human Brain Coloring Book Constructive use of crayons in the name of neuroscience..
    by Marian Diamond, et al. Barnes & Noble Books (ISBN 0064603067).

    Reference: Principles of Neural Science by Kandel and Schwartz, Appleton & Lange (ISBN-0838580343).

    WWW Virtual Libraries


    BEEMNET: Brain Exchange Electronic Mentorship Network - a mentorship program between K-6 kids and neuroscientists. Requires registration.

    USENET Groups

    sci.psychology.consciousness, sci.psychology.personality, sci.psychology.theory, sci.psychology.misc.

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