The 'other' page addresses many questions we receive in the 'other' category.

  • Fedstats: Online archive of US government information.
  • US Patent/Trademark Database: Place to find detailed information about specific kinds of products, including diagrams/schematics and overview of components in common items such as cosmetics or cleaners.
  • How Things Work: Questions concerning the physics behind everyday household appliances and technology.
  • Pages on nanotechnology, and some further material at Xerox Corp.
  • Principles of ceramics - strength, use as superconductors and dielctrics.
  • Amateur Holography: An introduction to the art of holography. Further links on the subject may be found at DMOZ's section on Holography and Holograms.
  • Nuclear Electricity, an Australian Perspective: An overview of nuclear energy, from mining the uranium ore, to generating electricity from nuclear power plants.
  • The Virtual Nuclear Tourist: More on nuclear power.
  • About rainbows: All about rainbows..
  • What could be more 'other' than silly putty

    Not other enough for you?

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