• * Hooper Virtual Paleontological Museum: An entire 'Virtual Museum' started by Dr. Ken Hooper. The online exhibits are a delight to visit.
  • * U. California, Berkeley - Museum of Paleontology: Has online exhibits and information concerning dinosaurs and many other areas. Their FAQ about Paleontology is worth reading!
  • * Smithsonian Institute - Department of Paleontology: A virtual version of their Paleontology Wing.
  • * Geology 102 by Pamela Gore of the University of Georgia has a good outline format for easy references to relevant geological events and structures.
  • The Paleo Ring: An introduction to a group of content-heavy web sites concerning paleontology.
  • Dinosaurs:

  • * Dino Russ' Lair: Lots of information about dinosaurs, fossils and other aspects of paleontology.
  • * The Dinosauricon by Michael Keesey has an exhaustive list of all known dinosaurs including cladograms, indices, and paleo-maps for each genus. (Also try Dinosauria)
  • Fossils:

  • * The Burgess Shale Project: Explore one of the most remarkable fossil sites on the planet. The Burgess Shale is one of the few places containing fossilized remains of invertebrates from the Cambrian Explosion, a period of rapid speciation occurring approximately 500 million years ago.

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