Scientific Reagents
and Supplies

Biological Reagents

  • The mother of all supply houses: Carolina Biological Supply. Their online catalog has everything from insect pins and "vital dyes" to pre-made microbiological media, incubators and microscopes.
  • Other supply houses to try include vWR and Fisher Scientific, though keep in mind both companies permit orders from entities with institutional accounts (such as your school or university).
  • Microbiological Medial: Other places to try include Remel and Oxoid (Fisher Scientific).


  • CBS, as above.
  • Sigma-Aldridge Chemical Company: They require you to open an account, and in general only accept orders from individuals with institutional affiliations. However, their entire catalog is online and may be searched.
  • VWR International science supply company.


  • Scientific Supplies at Science Hobbyist

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