• * Animal Diversity Web: This site provides detailed information and images about members of the animal kingdom.
  • American Museum of Natural History : Information and exhibits about birds, reptiles, insects and marine life.
  • Australian Museum Online: Explore photos and FAQs about native flora, fauna and astronomy.
  • * The Tree of Life: A phylogenetic journey through life on Earth.
  • The Virtual Zoo: Divided into sections concerning mammals, birds, marine life and reptiles.
  • World Wildlife Federation: Information on animal species, worldwide.
  • Arthropods and Arachnids: (bugs and spiders..)

  • The Entomology Resource List: Information about butterflies, mosquitoes and other insects (compiled by Iowa State).
  • * Urban Entomology: An excellent resource for learning about the friends living behind the sink and under the counter..
  • Arachnology: The study of spiders.
  • The Carl Hayden Bee Research Center: Lots of pictures and information concerning honey bees.
  • Monarch Watch: Learn about the anatomy and migration patterns of the monarch butterfly.
  • Katerpillars: 4H outreach regarding entomology from the U. Kentucky.
  • Marine Invertebrates: (snails, jellyfish and sea quirts..)

  • Marine Organisms Database: A collection of marine organisms at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
  • The Cephalopod Home Page: Squid, octopi and chambered nautiluses.
  • The Giant Octopus: This site provides basic information, a series of K-12 lesson plans, and current research regarding this fascinating invertebrate.
  • * Conchologists of America: Information about shells and snails.
  • Vertebrates (you, me and everything else with a backbone):

  • Sharks and their relatives: Seaworld. Check DMOZ's shark listings for more sites.
  • The Fish FAQ: Interesting facts about fish and marine life.
  • Frogs: San Francisco Exploratorium.
  • Whale Web: Information about whales and many species of marine life.
  • Tursi's Dolphin Pages: An extensive collection of information about dolphins.
  • * Cornell Ornithology Lab: All you ever wanted to know about birds.
  • Croc Corner: Crocodiles and alligators - Natural history and conservation.
  • Ask-A-Scientist

    General: Ask A Veterinarian: Canadian Animal Network.


  • Ask A Marine Scientist: at Oceanlink.
  • Ask A Whale Expert: Ask about whales and other creatures of the sea.

  • Bugs: Ask an Entomologist: Bugnet, Iowa State.

    Birds: Ask the Audubon Society


    Veterinary Medicine: * NetVet.

    Marine Biology:

  • So you want to be a marine biologist: Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
  • Interviews with marine scientists: Oceanlink.
  • WWW Virtual Libraries

    General: The Electronic Zoo: Links and information about many species of animals, as well as topics in veterinary medicine.

    Seacreatures: Whale Watching Web


    The Zoology Coloring Book: Use your favorite colors to learn about the animals world.
    The Marine Biology Coloring Book: Introductory guide to life in the sea.


    Virtual Fish Tank: Build your own fish and release them into the Museum of Science, Boston and St Louis Science Center.

    USENET Groups

    Seacreatures: sci.aquaria, bionet.biology.deepsea.
    Bugs: sci.agriculture.beekeeping, sci.bio.entomology, sci.bio.entomology.homoptera - sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera - butterflies, et. al, sci.bio.entomology.misc.
    Reptiles: sci.bio.herpetology.

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