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Subject: Do Vines Twine Counter-Clockwise Only?

Date: Sat Aug 1 03:14:46 1998
Posted by Terry Good
Grade level:
School: No school entered.
City: Mount Desert State/Province: ME
Country: USA
Area of science: Botany
ID: 901959286.Bt

The following query was recently posted on the rec.gardens newsgroup 
and has been the subject of much speculation (ranging from 
phototropism to the coriolis effect) but no definitive answer.  Could 
you please shed some some light?  Thank you.

"I have been fascinated by vines and have noticed that all of my 
twining types tend to move counterclockwise around their support.  Is 
this true of all vines?  Does anyone know why?"

Re: Do Vines Twine Counter-Clockwise Only?

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