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Re: How do you make a herbarium?

Date: Thu Nov 12 12:36:43 1998
Posted By: Evelyn Tsang, Staff, Plant Science, McGill University (Mac Campus)
Area of science: Botany
ID: 910748269.Bt

Hi there!

Herbariums can be fun to make, but it can be a lot of work too.

I searched the internet and found a site that may help you start up a plant collection. The site is called "Teaching people plant collecting" and can be found at:

You can find several different field guides for plant identification at your library and in the bookstore. You're located along the Atlantic Coastline, so look for field guides named "Common Plants of the Mid-Atlantic Coast" or "A Field Guide to South-Eastern North America".

There's actually a kit that you can buy for kids that contains the plant press and a wild-flower field guide, but it is limited to 28 different wild-flowers commonly found in the US. You might want to browse through this book before getting it, as the plants you find on your island may not be as common as found on the mainland.

I hope you enjoy your plant collecting!

Evelyn Tsang

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