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Subject: Can taking a 'Telomerase' enzyme pill reduce speed of aging?

Date: Sun Apr 2 13:10:41 2000
Posted by Don Nori Jr.
Grade level: undergrad School: Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
City: Shippensburg State/Province: PA Country: USA
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 954699041.Cb

This is a personal research question.  Wear and tear, Free radicals, and 
the shortening of telomeres on the chromozone are aspects of aging.  So, if 
taking a "pill" would provide enzymes to fight free radicals and give 
telomerase to cells to keep the cells dividing, would this reduce the speed 
of aging?  Would the stomach break down the enzymes before they could be 
absorbed and used?  Would the telomerase just cause cancer more quickly?  
Is there a gene modification that can be done prior to birth to cause cells 
to have more divisions (longer telemeres, or longer production of 
telemerase)?  I have researched a hundred or more sites, but all with 
unclear answers to this regard.

Re: Can taking a 'Telomerase' enzyme pill reduce speed of aging?

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