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Re: a deciduous tree in a controlled enviorment

Date: Mon Jan 29 13:43:11 2001
Posted By: Joseph E. Armstrong, Faculty, Botany, Illinois State University
Area of science: Botany
ID: 979866263.Bt

Very simply, no - without the proper temperature and daylength environmental stimuli, the leaves on deciduous trees will not age and fall like the trees outside. However, the tree cannot be maintained indefinitely in such as environment. The annual winter dormancy for temperate perennials is also part of the environmental stimuli necessary for normal growth and reproduction. Annual growth and renewal of the tree's leaves follows winter dormancy. Without the dormancy, meristems [points from which growth occurs on the tree] lack the stimulus to activate. Many temperate deciduous plants will begin to decline and may die if kept under greenhouse conditions. They need the seasonal dormancy to remain healthy. This is why temperate plants, even evergreens, do not make good house plants.

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