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Subject: What are the guidance sistems on a rocket and how they work?

Date: Thu Jan 3 16:28:24 2002
Posted by Paraschiv Andrei
Grade level: undergrad School: Universitatea "Politehnica" Bucuresti/Fac de Electronica si Telecomunicatii
City: Bucurestu State/Province: Bucuresti Country: romania
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 1010093304.Eg

How does the IR, radar and TV guideded missiles work?
I am interested in the way the input from the sensor array is procesed. 
How does the tv guided missile take the decision to hit the black window on a 
white wall.(immage precessing or a maxim reading)
How the IR and radar guided missles decides to follow a ceratin hot surface or 
a reflective surface.
I am interesed of the electronics and avionics involved.
I read somewhere of a cruise missle that compares the map is sees with a stored 
map and it makes corrections on its path(i think ti was at the level of te 
years 1960 or so).How does it extracs the data from the immage(i don't remember 
radar or tv)?
Maby u can recomand me some books or web sites on this subject.

Re: What are the guidance sistems on a rocket and how they work?

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