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Subject: What is an example of e=mc^2, with numbers?

Date: Mon Feb 10 16:29:52 1997
Posted by: James B. Young
Grade level: grad
School/Organization: Yes, long ago.
City: Washington State/Province: DC
Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
Message ID: 855613792.Ph
What is an example of e=mc^2, with numbers?
I have heard that the Hiroshima explosion
only converted about one dime of matter
to energy.  Can anyone give me the actual 
numbers that would apply Einsteein's e=mc^2
to any real instance from a nuclear blast
down to something smaller.  For that matter,
what are the units of measure used in the
equation, ergs, grams and meters (cm?)/sec^2?
Thanks for any enlightenment you can provide.
My next recourse is th New York Time
science question dept.

Re:What is an example of e=mc^2, with numbers?

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