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Subject: What is the chemical structure of perfume?

Date: Mon Mar 8 23:22:14 1999
Posted by Marc Yarascavitch
Grade level: 10-12 School: Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School
City: St.Catharines State/Province: Ontario Country: Canada
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 920956934.Bc

  My question(s) is(are) actually larger...What is the chemical 
structure of simple perfumes and is it possible to make a simple 
perfume from chemicals available in a lab setting?  Is there a 
common base for all perfumes?  I'm not sure if this involves 
aromatic benzene rings or not but I've been told so and I was 
hoping that it might be related to organic chemistry or 
biochemical structures.  If you could shed some light I'd 
appreciate it. (if it is a ring or chain, a haworth or 
structural formula would be nice)

Thank you

Re: What is the chemical structure of perfume?

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