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Re: Information on a thermal death of a cell

Date: Wed Oct 6 15:41:36 1999
Posted By: Brian Turner, Grad student, Neuroscience/Cell Biology, Cornell University Medical College
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 939056684.Cb

Hello Hayley,

I really need more information on what you are asking - I dont understand 
the reference to beetroot.

When cells are exposed to high temperatures their proteins become unfolded -
- unfolded proteins don't allow the cell to perform its various functions, 
and if this isn't remedied the cell will die.  Fortunately for the cell, 
when it is heat shocked it will produce proteins called heat-shock proteins 
that help unfolded proteins refold.  However, if the temperature is too 
high, or for too long a time the heat-shock proteins will probably be 
overwhelmed or they themselves would unfold.

I hope this helps a little.

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