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Subject: Ammonia and Ureas' affect on DNA?

Date: Fri Jun 30 23:23:16 2000
Posted by Cole
Grade level: undergrad School: Cabrillo College
City: Aptos State/Province: Ca Country: usa
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 962421796.Cb

I would like to know about the interaction and toxicity of Ammonia and 
Urea on DNA... that is how they damage the molecular stucture etc...Is 
there a particular toxic interaction within the body that excess 
Nitrogenous wastes effects by means of damaging DNA? I'm very clueless in 
this area and will surely have more questions to follow. So I ask whomever 
answers this question to give an email address for further dialogue if they 
feel so inclined. thank you

P.S. I submitted this question before and was turned down by this.."I'd 
recommend spending some time in your undergrad library."
To which I agree, however I am at a research station 4 hours from the 
nearest science library and will not be back to civilization for a few more 
months. I have not been able to find the answer on the web in the context I 
need, and would be most gratefull for a little help on the subject. Thank 

Re: Ammonia and Ureas' affect on DNA?

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