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Subject: Why does canned air get cold when shaken?

Date: Sun May 6 17:17:46 2001
Posted by Kelly Spoonemore
Grade level: nonaligned School: KCSL
City: Topeka State/Province: Kansas Country: USA
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 989183866.Ch

I have searched the web (through 9 billion "e-tailers, that would love to sell 
me some), and the local library to no end for this answer.  I asked a local 
science professor and he simply said "it's compressed air".  I am just curious 
about the reaction you get when shaking the can, or better yet, the product you 
get when you spray it upside down.  I am baffeled that no one seems to know 
what is actually in "canned air"!

Re: Why does canned air get cold when shaken?

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