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Subject: My crayfish has worms attatched all over her body.

Date: Sat Jun 2 13:01:25 2001
Posted by Tessa
Grade level: 4-6 School: Lily B. Clayton Elementary
City: Fort Worth State/Province: Texas Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 991501285.Zo

We have been studying crayfish in our science class at school. I was chosen to 
bring one of the adults home for the summer. Her name is Lucy, and she has 
small worms all over her shell.  My teacher has said that it is normal.  My mom 
is afraid that it is a sign that Lucy is sick or that she may become sick.  
(Also my sister is grossed out by them.)  Can you tell me about how to get rid 
of these little worms?  Thank you for your help Tessa   (almost in 5th grade!)

Re: My crayfish has worms attatched all over her body.

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