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Subject: why do we find big eyes attractive?

Date: Thu Apr 28 23:42:52 2005
Posted by Eric
Grade level: nonaligned School: WNYC public radio
City: Brooklyn State/Province: NY Country: United States
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 1114749772.Ev

I work for WNYC public radio and I am working on a piece about big eyes. Why do we find them cute? Is 
it true that we are hardwired to want to protect babies because of their big eyes? Or do we just 
associate wanting to protect babies with the way babies happen to look (big eyes that don't grow much 
over time)? Is it true that early humans knew to mate with big eyes/small mouth people because they 
didn't look cro-magnin? I would love to talk with a scientist or professor of science about this.

Thank you.

Re: why do we find big eyes attractive?

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