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Re: Why do Wasp drink water from my pool and what do they need it for?

Date: Thu Jul 21 10:29:01 2005
Posted By: David Richman, Staff, Entomology
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1120511314.Zo

Wasps, like all creatures, imbibe water to maintain their body’s hydration 
and dilute wastes.  They also use lots of water (or wet mud) to make their 
nests, which are either made from mud (mud daubers and potter wasps) or 
carton (paper wasps and their relatives).  You probably have paper wasps 
from the discription (mud daubers usually are more interested in actual 

For a reference on paper-making and coating with water see:
Paper Wasps.

One reference to wasps drinking is on the BBC: Wasps.

For a picture of a paper wasp drinking see: Wasps by Valerie.

and: Trek Nature.

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