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Re: What is the density of steel?

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Posted By: Scott Hawkins, Metallurgist, Metallurgy, Bisalloy Steels (company)
Date: Thu Sep 11 22:11:02 1997
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 873815502.Ch
The short answer to your question is that the density of plain mild steel 
is 7.85.

The long answer is that depending on where you look, or the grade of steel 
that you are talking about can change this value.  A density of 7.88 is 
often quoted for mild steel as well.  If you add alloying elements such as 
tungsten, chrome or manganese to improve the steel, the density will 
change.  So the long answer is that the density of steel can vary between 
7.75 and 8.05.

To calculated the mass of steel, you can work on the basis that steel 
weighs 0.283 lb/cu in. So...
a) 1 lb of steel is 1/0.283 = 3.5 cu in.
b) To calculate the mass of a steel plate, take the dimensions in inches 
and then, width x thickness x length x 0.283 = lbs of steel.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find any internet sites that has a list of 
references for densities of other materials.

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