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Date: Wed Feb 11 21:07:25 1998
Posted By: David Winsemius, MadSci Admin
Area of science: Other
ID: 886965258.Ot

>I have been reading up on inventions and I found that many inventions 
>were accidents or had other uses prior to their current one. For 
>example the Post-it note was actually a failed superglue experiment... 
>I was wondering if anyone could help me find other cases such as that.

I recently posted an answer to a question about bubblegum. It was accidentally 
invented by a chemist, but his company ignored it until the patent ran out. Then 
Bazooka took it over and the rest is history. 
I usually use AltaVista for searches but searching using the advanced mode and 
trying this search:
(accident OR accidental) NEAR (invent OR invention)
produced thousand of hits but the "density of useful hits" was very low. I would 
suggest resubmitting the question to the science history section here at the Mad 
Scientist Network.

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