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Re: Do different types of drinks contain varying amounts of carbonation levels?

Date: Fri Jan 29 18:00:27 1999
Posted By: Kieran Kelly, grad, Darden School of Business Admin., University of Virginia
Area of science: Other
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There certainly are different amounts of CO2 in different sodas! Every beverage is designed with a specific carbonation level for optimal flavor, mouthfeel, and anti-microbiological effects. Sounds strange, I know, but true. The carbon dioxide makes the soda taste different, feel different in your mouth and helps prevent some microbes from growing in it. Anyway, here are a few examples of sodas which I know have different CO2 levels:

Mountain Dew
Slice or 7-Up
All Sport
These sodas should be readily available, though you can always swap them with a Coke equivalent if you can't find the Pepsi-Cola version (except for the All Sport). You could also suggest comparing cans to bottles (they start out at different levels because the PET bottles tend to lose pressure over time). I probably shouldn't, but I will tell you to expect Pepsi to show the highest carbonation level among these sodas. The rest I will leave as a surprise for your student.

Good luck! And if you have any other questions I can help you or your student with, please feel free to email me directly.


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