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!Jardin Mécanisme

Welcome.. I spontaneously generated this atrium from little more than nothing less.

Please use elevators, stairs stuck between floors.

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Dix-neuf fois!

There is more to life than früîtløøps, rïçé krîspíès, and ráïsíñ bråñ...
What?! You missed EBEN CHANGING DAY!

Take your penance and recite the postal mark of TONGA thrice forth in a deeply colored room..

AjujuJuju Vudu

(Inferred portrait by billbill. The likeness is exact.)

Why don't carnivores devise meats that taste like vegetables?

Locomotoras y pequeños niños

Collective Crania..

Affluent Effluent of the Continental Divide

Commentary, suggestions and spontaneous communications welcome. I am always up at 4 AM.

Aside from collaborative works and fruit stickers
all material Copyright © 1994-1999 Banjo Ruthless Creations.

Jardin is Jardin, and is not representative of the space in which it sits.

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'i imagine that he lies, and is often plagued by lines..'
The last modification was the best modification.